Antique Turkish 12×23 Wool Oriental Rug 1754


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Antique Turkish 12×23 Wool Oriental Rug 1754

Antique Turkish 12×23 Wool Oriental Rug 1754. Hand knotted wool Oriental rug.

Size” 12′ 4″ x 22′ 10″

Turkish carpet weaving represents a traditional art. During its long history, the art of the woven carpet has integrated different cultural traditional. The history of its designs, motifs and ornaments reflects on the political and ethnic history and variety of Asia minor. When Western European art historians developed a scientific interest in the carpets, then the richness and cultural diversity of the carpet design was better understood. The Turkish carpet in distinguishes by particular characteristics of dyes and colors, as well as designs, textures and their weaving techniques. The carpets are tied using the Turkish or symmetrical knot. They make all sizes from pillow to room sized carpets. The earliest carpets are from the thirteenth century. Interestingly, the carpets even appear in Renaissance paintings, which gave them the prestige and dignity that is still understood today. They use sheep and goat’s wool and natural dye that can be derived from plants and minerals. The raw materials to make the is readily available in their vicinity.

This rug has an oval center with four triangles around it. This has the traditional main and guardian borders with a floral pattern. It also has a green motif in each corner with an ivory floral design. Then it as an ivory background with red and pale blue flowers throughout the center. It has a vibrant red center with a green center and a small black detail in the very middle. It truly is a one of a kind masterpiece. Each weaver has their own imagination, which goes into the design of the carpet. That’s what makes them so special is the detail that is put into each and every one.

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