Antique Persian Lilihan 12 x 20 Rug 1297


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Antique Persian Lilihan 12 x 20 Rug 1297

Antique Persian Lilihan 12 x 20 Rug 1297. Antique hand knotted Oriental rug.

Size: 12′ x 20′

Armenians wove Lilihan carpets in in Lilihan village in Iran. They make all sizes of carpets and mats. The Lilihan rugs are executed using the Hamadan weave, this means that they have one heavy cotton weft and are made with thick first quality wool. These rugs are the only fabrics in the Sultanabad region to be single-wafted. Therefore, they are coarsely, but tightly flat woven, making them extremely durable. They are also similar to Sarouk rugs in color, style and thickness. The most common design for these rugs are traditional floral motifs, although sometimes they may have geometrical patterns. Another thing that distinguishes these rugs from all others is the pink color of the weft. Khaki and brown are also commonly used but salmon is the primary chosen color. That is what makes them so unique, their specific weaving techniques, high quality materials and beautiful colors and patterns. The bolder look and coarse design, makes them more traditional and authentic. This differs from larger work places as they use pre-planned designs that can be frequently repeated, rather than being made to each weavers’ choice. For example, a weaver often works from memory, based on patterns that are part of the family or their tribal tradition. These flat woven rugs are given their color and pattern from the weft being tightly intertwined with the warp. The foundation of the rugs is what gives them their design. They often use elaborate designs that take anywhere from months to years to complete. That is due to the different details used. For example, this rug has a main border and to guardian borders that go all around the rug. In the center is has a repeated floral motif, in the colors of blue and brown. It also has the traditional background. Its makes an excellent traditional yet contemporary masterpiece that would be a great addition to any room.

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