Antique 16 x 18 Turkish Oushak Wool Rug 11294


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Antique 16 x 18 Turkish Oushak Wool Rug 11294

Antique 16 x 18 Turkish Oushak Wool Rug 11294. One of a kind square antique wool base and 100% hand knotted wool Ushak or Oushak carpet with center medallion and geometric designs. Maroon background with green, blue and red accents.

Size: 15′ 10″ x 18′ 3″

This is one of a kind antique 100% hand-knotted wool Ushak or Oushak carpet. Carpet weaving represents a traditional art, dating back to pre-islamic. The art and craft of the woven carpet has integrated different culture traditions. The history of designs, motifs and ornaments reflects the political and ethnic history and diversity of the area of Asia minor. The carpet is distinguished by characteristics of dyes and colors, designs, textures and technique. They are made of wool and cotton tied with the ‘Turkish’ or symmetrical knot. The earliest known carpets date from the thirteenth century. Turkish carpets also appear in Renaissance paintings providing prestige and dignity understood today. These oriental carpets have been subject to art historic and scientific interest in the western world.

Medallion Ushak carpets, like the one shown, have patterns significantly depart from the designs of early Turkish carpets. The medallion represents an important innovation, as in them, floral ornaments appear in Turkish carpets for the first time.

Sheep wool is the most frequently used material because it is soft, durable, easy to work with and not too expensive. It also dyes very well with all natural dyes from plants and vegetables. This rug has earth-like tone colors. It has a red background. It also has brown and a little bit of blue. It has a medallion in the center and a diamond design in each corner. The border is also very well decorated with small flowers along the edge. It has a very vintage and traditional, yet contemporary look. It can easily be combined with any look in any room.

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