Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 6×9 Rug 10318


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Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 6×9 Rug 10318

Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 6×9 Rug 10318 with multi color geometric tribal designs.

100% hand woven wool from Afghanistan with ivory background and shades of brown and gray colors.

Size: 5′ 9″ x 8′ 9″


This is a handwoven textile traditionally made in Afghanistan. Often woven by Afghan refugees who live in Pakistan. These rugs have won many international awards. They are assembled by Turk-men and various ethnic groups in northern and western Afghanistan. Although they make many types of rugs including some made especially for prayer, this one is used for decorative purposes. It has a tribal yet somewhat floral design. Various vegetable and other natural dyes are used to achieve the elegant colors we see. This rug includes a tile pattern where each motif interacts with the other.

We don’t see a dominant color, instead we see various colors used. In the center, fringes and one of the outlines ivory is one of the main colors. We also see a dark red go all around the edge, paired along with a dark blue. A rare color we see here is an almost gray color which out stands in mainly in the center rectangle.

Every pattern we see is completely unique because no specific guideline is set before weaving is begun. That’s what makes them so traditional. The way they are made has not changed. Its a tradition that has been followed by many generations. They use local wool from the sheep and they spin it to make a strong resilient and high quality thread. That makes them an excellent addition to your home. It could also be a great family heirloom, as it will last for a long time, it could be past down through generations  in your family.

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