Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 5×9 Rug 10322


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Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 5×9 Rug 10322

Vintage Hand Woven Wool Soumak 5×9 Rug 10322 with multi color geometric designs.

100% hand woven wool from Afghanistan with ivory background and shades of brown and gray colors.

Size: 5′ 4″ x 8′ 8″

This rug is made of 100%  hand woven wool from Afghanistan. These rugs are made in north and west Afghanistan by Turkmen although various ethnic groups also participate. The quality of the wool used is important. Only hard-wearing, strong and resilient wool is used. As we can see its vintage yet contemporary look makes it traditional.

The beautiful ivory, brown, blue and red colors are made using all natural vegetable and mineral dye. This is a reflect of tribal design as they are earth-like colors. An admirable detail is how they are able to achieve many shades of these colors, making even the smallest detail stand out. Many patterns and colors are used in the making of these rugs; however the most traditional pattern is one we see here, the octagonal shape. This is also known as the elephant foot or Bukhara print. It is not limited to one pattern as we see. There is well use of every space with various shapes and alignments. This lets us know a lot of time and dedication was put into making every unique motif. This is a very detailed design. Its a striking pattern that fits well with any color scheme. There are big shapes that quickly capture the eye but as we take a closer look we see the small details around the borders. Its something we can only see in a vintage and hand-made masterpiece.

Its diversity comes from varied cultures such as Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. That is why Afghan rugs represent a range of cultures and artistic delicacy.

It is both an admirable piece of art and a pride of craftsmanship. It is interesting to know that there is no set plan followed when creating a new carpet. This makes each one unique as imagination is greatly involved in the making.

This amazing antique makes a great addition to any room!

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