Vintage Afghan Hand Woven Kilim Rug 5669


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Vintage Afghan Hand Woven Kilim Rug 5669

Vintage Afghan Hand Woven Kilim Rug 5669.

100% wool with all over geometric designs.

Shades of brown, rust and beige.

Size: 6′ 7″ x 9′ 2″

These vintage rugs have been produced since ancient times. They are made by tightly interweaving the strands of wool to produce a flat surface. The Afghan rugs are mostly made in northern and western Afghanistan by many ethnic groups. All materials are 100% natural. The colors for example are made from vegetables and other natural dyes to produce such rich and vibrant colors. They are each made uniquely because there is no drawn out pattern for them to follow.

This particular rug has an abstract and tribal theme to it. It has a diamond pattern with zigzag outlines. There are various colors used including red, black, ivory and dark blue. Along the vertical ends there is a fringe on each side. This beautiful design makes it a great addition to any home. It’s very traditional yet contemporary.

Its high quality materials make it very long lasting and durable. They look great in any room and can easily combine with your style. They’re an excellent collection item.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 10 in